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Sayla Vee

About Me

Sayla Vee - Where DTF meets DTE
Join me today at my luxury incall to experience something you won’t ever forget! 
Hi, I’m Sayla, I’m an intellectual, naturally busty and bisexual 35 year old Aussie gal. I love playing, teasing and pleasing and taking great pride in ensuring the services I provide to you are exactly what your needs desire.  
Due to such a high demand... For your best chance of getting your preferred time message me in this format: 
1. Your Name 
2. Duration of Booking 
3. What time you would like for the Booking  
Example: “Hi Sayla, My name is Kyle. I would like to make a booking with you on Saturday at 7pm for one hour."
Failure to follow this instruction will result in no response.
Don’t be shy, SMS me now oxxxx-xxx-xxx and let’s take the first step in creating a personalised and unforgettable experience which will leave you wanting more…and more! 
Check me out on other socials
Snapchat - saylavee2020
Premium Adelaide Escort Check out my website below
Legal Disclaimer:
Donations received are strictly for my time. Anything that happens within the time is simply an act between two consenting adults. Reviews and inclusions lists are only valid in states which are legal.

Ethnicity: Australian
Body Type: Busty
Place of service: Incall / Outcall
Catering to: Men and women
Languages: English
Location: Adelaide


30 min - incall:200 - outcall:-
1 hour - incall:350 - outcall:400
2 hours - incall:600 - outcall:700

Five Things You Should Know Before You Meet for Sex ?

  1. Consent is essential: It is crucial to ensure that both parties are consenting to engage in sexual activity. This means that each person involved in the encounter should feel comfortable and enthusiastic about the experience. Consent can be given verbally or nonverbally, but it must be clear and enthusiastic.
  2. Protection is necessary: Protection should be used during sexual encounters to prevent the transmission of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and unwanted pregnancy. Both parties should agree on the type of protection to be used before engaging in any sexual activity.
  3. Communication is key:Communication is vital in any sexual encounter. Before engaging in sex, both parties should talk about their preferences, boundaries, and expectations. This can help ensure that everyone involved has a positive experience.
  4. Be honest about your intentions: It is essential to be honest about your intentions when meeting for sex. If you are only looking for a casual encounter, be clear about that. This can prevent any misunderstandings or hurt feelings.
  5. Respect each other: Respect is crucial in any sexual encounter. Both parties should be respectful of each other's boundaries, preferences, and feelings. It is essential to treat each other with kindness and respect both during and after the encounter.

it is important to prioritize your own safety and well-being, and to make informed and consensual decisions. This includes discussing and practicing safe sex measures, respecting boundaries, and ensuring that all parties involved are comfortable and enthusiastic about the encounter. It is also important to communicate openly and honestly with your partners about your intentions, expectations, and any potential concerns or limitations.

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