Are Escorts Worth Your Money and Time

Are Escorts Worth Your Money and Time

Escorts! Sounds unique? These are professionals who are always ready to offer companionship to you whenever you need it. They are courteous, affectionate, skillful, etc. They offer conversational or social services and sexual services while some act as tour guides. To get their services, you have to make an appointment through a phone call to individuals or an agency.  They can be male or female: pick your choice!
Most escorts are purely sex workers; however, few agencies offer escorts that do not provide sexual services. The difference between an escort and other types of sex workers is that they do not display what they do to the general public. Instead, of getting their services, you book an appointment via phone or the internet. The majority work through an agency, but a few work independently.
Clients make appointments with the call girls/call boys, who advertise their services on the internet or post ads in magazines. The agency promotes those working through it. To lesser extent pimps handle some of the call girls.
Agencies and independent escorts have websites. On the sites, they advertise their services. The internet is the primary way of promoting their services. The sex workers post their images on the website. A customer in need of services of a call boy/girl browses the internet and selects their favorite.

What to Look for In an Escort
Not all sex workers are created with similar features. Natures endowed them differently. It might be difficult for you to locate the right one for you. The primary difference in these workers is the quality of the services they offer and their general outlook. Before you decide to seek them, it is good practice to have a rough idea of what you are looking for.

When you make a call, the agency will give you a description. They'll highlight features like height, skin color, hair color, and length and what they can generally do. If you find them on the internet, all the information is displayed.

However, the common things that you might need to consider are;
1. Physical attributes and body configuration
2. Availability
3. Schedule
4. Your expectation
5. Security
6. Types of escorts

There are two significant categories of sex workers, i.e., independent and those working through an agency. Both types can function as incall or outcall. While the former means you (client) go to the sex workers, the latter means that they come to you (client).

Independent escorts

These kinds of sex workers work on their own. Dealing with this category has a mix of fortune. Some have created their websites where they post their images and a full profile in addition to ads on magazines and review boards online among other places.
As a client, you'll have to do much research to get the qualities you so desire. Still, how sure are you that the person you selected is the one who you get? This is quite tricky.  So you have to work with faith.
Going for independent call girls/boys is a very cheap option. The apparent reason for this is that no overhead charges are associated with the agencies. But, always keep in mind that whatever you pay for is what you'll receive.
The disadvantages of this kind of service are many. For instance, risk! The risks involved are;

1. Your security - what is the person you asked for is a robber?
2. Underage girls or a different person
3. Illegal immigrants
While taking this route, chances are 50-50. You must do a critical search for you to get a professional, trustworthy, independent escort.

Agency escorts

An agency provides the most reliable, easier, and safer ways of getting escort services. Agencies work under laws; therefore, the process of acquiring services is straightforward. Most escort service providers are listed on the website.
When you select your choice, you communicate with the management of the agency who will book you an appointment with the person you selected. Such a regulated environment is a guarantee of your security, and surety of the right individual.

Who Can Become an Escort?
Anyone can become an escort. However, you need the right guidance to be professional. In this business, trust, security, and professionalism are core. To achieve that, a call girl must strive to learn the core tricks. Let's look at the details of a professional escort.

Professional Escorts
Perhaps, most males and females ask themselves the right way to be professionals in the game. Being a professional prostitute isn't as easy as it sounds. Many might start on the right note but end up in the lowest ever. 
You must understand that as an escort, you are not doing it for fun. All escorts are in it to earn a living. So, you have rights, and they should not be infringed. That is why; there are agencies to offer such professional services.

  • Understanding what your role is

For a sex worker, making money is the primary goal. So, the majority might think that a client will book you, have sex then leave. That is not the case. Look, a call girl/boy can be booked for an hour or 2. In some cases, a sex worker might be booked for a whole night. What will you be doing all that time? Mark you; you are supposed to perform accordingly!
What if you receive an anal request or cum in the mouth or face? Let's face it, there are a lot of things that a sex worker can do within the shortest time she/he is booked. A few examples are Handjob, Vaginal Penetration sex, Anal Sex, Rimjob (asshole eating), Blowjob (with or without a condom), Pornstar experience, multiple shots, French Kissing, Cum in Mouth, etc.

You must be open to the above as well as other requests a client might make. Besides, if you want to repeat clients, you have to give your clients exceptional services. For instance, your kissing must be slow, be comfortable with pussy eating as well as multiple shots.

Understand Risks
Being an escort girl is highly risky. Challenges are inevitable.  For your, safety, you need to be vigilant. Some of the risks include;

  • Rough/abusive clients: some clients are naturally abusive or dominant. In some other cases, it might be your fault. When you try to outsmart the client, i.e., refusing to offer requested services, you might make them abusive. It is essential to be professional always.
  • Sexually transmitted diseases: how do you protect yourself? For sure, you might not know the health status of your client. However, there are some tell-tale signs that you must be wary of. Always put your health first. To be safe;
  • A client with a wound or cankers on the mouth can be sick. So, do not allow them to eat your pussy or kiss you.
  • If a client has rashes around their genitalia, avoid any intimate contact
  • Police arrests: police officers might come in the name of clients, and in the end, they will arrest you. At times you might be busted by police. In either case, you need to maintain your professionalism. Do not create a scene. Be courteous as well as decent.
    Earnings of an Escort

Money is the biggest motivation in this business. Just like any business, you will have your good days as well as bad ones. Most people expect that once you are in the industry, you'll make millions. Well, that depends on numerous factors. Such factors include;

1. How attractive you are: if you keep yourself pretty and hot, you'll have more clients
2. The scope of your services: if you offer more services you'll get more money
3. Where you operate: a city that is full of high-end individuals and tourists will earn you more money.

First, you have to invest. You have to advertise yourself, and if you are working through an agency, you have to give out the escort agency commission.
If you are starting, it is crucial to start with an agency that markets you and protects your interest until you are established.

Market Yourself

Escort marketing is aimed at driving more traffic towards your website or simply getting you more clients. You don't need a client, but you need clients who pay. You can list yourself on a local escort website, or you can get friends who will refer clients to you, and you'll pay them a commission.


Working as an escort or a prostitute is a big task. Much as it sounds simple, their minute details that you uphold to be secure and make money. The number of clients you serve per day depends majorly on the strength of your body. Too many clients will wear you down, and service delivery will be reduced.
Though escorts serve any clients regardless of how they look, they usually do not want their real identity revealed. As such, it is advisable for them to create a different identity. In this identity, the conspicuous marks that might easily give you away, such as tattoos, and birthmarks must be concealed.
Much as money is the greatest motivation, do not trust anyone, whether boyfriend, girlfriend, or best friend. This way, you remain safe.

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