Are You Embarrassed By Your Female Escorts Skills Here is What to Do you now

Are You Embarrassed By Your Female Escorts Skills Here is What to Do you now

Being an escort is easy but being an expert in that field is another level altogether. Just like any other business, being an escort requires mastery of skills that will pull customers towards. Unfortunately, most females who toss themselves in escort services do not understand these rules.

Two things are paramount if you are a female escort: your security and making money. Most women imagine that once you call yourself an escort, it is a ticket to making money. Lady, you have to be perfect to be a professional! You are out there to please the clients. 
Some clients might be easygoing, while others might blatantly stubborn. You have to give your best in either case. While most clients are out for sex, the majority hire escorts to have some exciting moments - More than vaginal sex.  Are you ready to provide that? 

Role of Female Escorts 
As an escort, you are to provide sexual services. Most women might think that once you get a client, you'll have sex get paid, and the deal is done. Not so fast. Escorts are booked per session. You may be booked for an hour, 6 hours, or a whole night. What do you expect will happen? If for instance, a customer cum within the first 10 minutes and you've been booked for 2 hours, what next?
A professional escort understands very well how to pick from there or make the 2 hours enjoyable for clients. Remember, you must show prowess and mastery of the game. Here are exciting things that you will do to make your customer happy.

  • Blowjobs
  • Handjobs
  • Multiple shots especially if you are booked for more extended periods
  • Pornstar experience
  • Vaginal Penetration in sex
  • Anal penetration Sex
  • Rimjob Cum in Face or mouth, at times both.
  • French kissing

When you are hired as a sex professional, you must act as one. You'll provide the above services as well as others that a client might request. The client is your valuable customer, and at times, you might end up getting repeat customers if you act and perform superbly. 
Importance of a Female Escort
Female escorts a beautiful companions. More often, you hire them for sex, but you equally have an excellent time just talking. It is their occupation. The importance of the escorts can, therefore, not be overlooked. Below is an outline of their significance;
You get sex whenever you want
If you need sex, you can hook up with an escort through an agency, or you'll seek the services of an independent escort if you know of any. Naturally, if you have to get sex from a woman, then she must be attracted to you: the feeling must be mutual. It might take time to develop such a relationship. 
Furthermore, while in a relationship, both of you must want sex to have it. It becomes challenging to have it when you want. Some people might argue about one-night stands, but, how often do you get them? Rare, right?

An excellent way to get your stress
Escorts are not your daily friends. You meet only for sex. If you are frustrated, you can talk to them without fear that they'll tell people your secrets. In turn, they'll offer that rare comfort you've never had in ages. They are well trained to do so, remember.

  • They offer a platform to learn new and advanced sexual skills

Professional escorts have been in the business for quite some time. Therefore, they know how to treat men properly. You can learn from what they do or can request them to teach you. In essence, they'll tell what a woman wants- the secrets to satisfying women sexually. Some have been trained to offer these services.
The best part is that you'll get good sex than you'd receive from an average woman out there. This sex does not come with the complications that arise from the free sex you get from relationships. You will sharpen your skills are you enjoy it. 
 Help you get over a former relationship or divorce
Are you a culprit of a broken relationship? Are dumped or divorced? Find an escort and all your sorrows will melt away. Trust me, you won't get love, but it is a route to rebuilding your emotions and stamina. 
What Customers Expect from a Female Escort
Just like a doctor treats a patient efficiently, so should female escorts provide efficient services for clients? Customers expect the following from the companions they hire;
1. Skillfulness
Whether sex is the primary agenda or not, escorts must skillfully handle their clients. They must take the lead to show the client of their prowess. The level of romance an escort offers should be unmatched because that is the reason she was hired.

Skills are noticed from the first sight encounter. A prostitute must feel free, warm, and let the conversation flow naturally. No one should be in a hurry. Get to know each other and then papa! The intimacy and romance will follow naturally. Lack of confidence is the first show of incompetence. 

  • Complements

Complementing someone is the first way to get their attention. Compliments cost nothing but will bring you a lot of money. Always make your client feel handsome. Something you should know is that you'll not meet cute guys always. Whatever the type you meet, make them feel on top of the world. With such tactics, even a frog can turn into a prince. 
When it comes to sexual matters, men are quickly put down by negative comments. Be the first to comment on their stamina, sexual skills, and masculinity positively. This would help so much, especially if the client is rebuked his partner for not being a performer.

A warm environment
The best way to create a warm environment is to lend a listening ear. Be attentive to what the client says. Laugh it out, especially when he cracks jokes. I bet you know that men feel elevated when they make a woman smile? 

Built your client's confidence
If a customer is confident with you, you'll be in for great deals. How do you achieve this? While talking, show your clients that they can trust you. Remember, some might confess to you issues that they might never tell anyone else. Even if they have failures, encourage them. Build on their positive traits rather than the negatives. 

Give him your attention

Most men might be lacking the necessary attention, and that's why they choose to seek female escorts. If you are selected, strive to do your best not to disappoint. His wife will most likely bypass a family man. They'll no longer feel special. As such, they will turn to the services of escorts. 
You can be a great companion in such circumstances. You can tend to their needs, but most importantly, make them your primary focus. You should let them dominate you unless they state otherwise. Do not try to argue with a client.

Affection and passion
If a client is a repeat partner, probably he might have grown fond of you. Even on your first encounter, you must show the client how affectionate and passionate you can be. Most men like assurance through such passionate and affectionate encounters. Provide it well, and you'll get paid handsomely.

Where Female Escorts Advertise Themselves
In the public domain, no one can give positive news about prostitutes. The term in itself is slang that represents ill-mannered individuals. The term escorts to many sounds civilized. Confusion arises when a call girl is confused with a streetwalker. 
Female escorts do not stand on the street. If you need their services, it means you are dealing with an agency. The escort, especially the new ones in the business enlist with an agency through which clients can seek their services.
When a client needs the services of a call girl, he will make a call to the agency to make arrangements on how to get the companion. You can go to the girls, or they can come to your


Also, numerous independent call girls are professional as well as trustworthy. They advertise themselves on the web. Some have created their website while others advertise through the escort sides and bulletins. In developed cities, call girls are listed in the yellow pages under the categories massage, escorts or entertainment. In small cities, you'll have to search for the services online.

What to Charge

When a call girl is from an agency, you'll pay an agency fee as well as tips to the escort. The charges depend on the cities. Charges may be roughly between $200 and $400. 
If you are an independent escort, it means you are established. In such cases, you'll set your charges which a client can negotiate. If you meet a client online, you can chat through social media before you arrange your meeting.

As a professional female escort, you need to understand your specifications well. Escorts offering top-notch services usually have a large number of clients, and therefore they make a lot of money. Besides, how you look determines how much you make. Always groom yourself well to remain sexy, hotter, and youthful.

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