Alternatives to SkipTheGames

Alternatives to SkipTheGames

Often, due to the opaque nature of the sex industry, escort services have operated as an open secret. Both the legal and social stigmas surrounding sex work made it a cloaked practice: Escort services could be obtained “just by calling in on one of the telephone numbers advertised almost openly in a daily newspaper.” Yet, as attitudes toward both sexuality and what the individual can do with their own body have shifted, escort services have grown into a legitimate profession, requiring new laws and regulations to protect escorts from not only the scorn but also the desperation of others.

Once sex work began to be regarded as a matter of personal choice and empowerment, the new guardian of society’s morals, the government, sprang into action. Although it hadn’t shown much inclination to protect workers doing more honest labor, it found renewed enthusiasm when it came to protecting sex workers. While federal law disapproved of sex work, it treated the worker involved as just that: a sex worker, not a woman, and issued a slew of laws designed to keep her off the street, (more or less) unharmed by either hard drugs or the taxpayer’s money, and securely locked away, biding her time until she could look forward to the marvels of uterine cancer, along with cops and kidnappers running the full gamut of force against Free Women.

Diverse Escort Categories

Escorting has faced some innovative disruption, too. One of those is the diversity in its categories. There are now male escorts who cater to both female and male clients, both for companionship and other services. There are also transsexual escorts, perfect for people who are intrigued by transgender individuals. More labels have surfaced, but it does show that society is progressing to accept people of all sexual orientations and gender identities.

Specialized Services

The file of more-than-traditional escorting we mentioned earlier is also growing as sensual massage and domination/fetish play join the fold. Sensual masseuses provide relaxation and pleasure with the incorporation of intimate touch and other services. Domination/fetish providers help those fetlife-inclined explore power dynamics as well as respectful fetishes in an environment they can define as consensual. These specialties broaden and deepen the up-to-date conquests of the world's oldest profession.

SkipTheGames: Exploring Other Escort Directories When it comes to finding escort services,

SkipTheGames is not the only option available. Some alternative websites and apps cater to similar needs and preferences. Let’s take a closer look at two popular alternatives: Adult Friend Finder and CityXGuide.

1. Adult Friend Finder

Adult Friend Finder is a popular platform that offers lots of adult services, including escort listings. Here are some key features and limitations of Adult Friend Finder compared to SkipTheGames:

  • User Base: Adult Friend Finder has a large user base, which results in more options when you are searching for escorts.

  • Variety of Services: This service also offers casual hookups and the option to arrange escorts with swingers, as well as in the traditional sense.

  • Membership Fee: They do not run commercials on this site for things that ‘sound like’ they could be related to adult activity, so pay attention to pop-up screens and banners before signing up. To communicate with other users, a paid membership is required and is not optional.

2. CityXGuide

CityXGuide is a popular escort directory where you can find listings for precious adult services. Here is what you need to know about CityXGuide:

  • Extensive Listings: No matter what part of the city or country you happen to be in, CityXGuide has a huge selection of escorts.

  • User Reviews: One feature that makes CityXGuide stand out is its user review system, which can help you feel more confident in your escort.

  • Controversies: CityXGuide has been linked to legal battles and controversies in the past as well. The setbacks led to the forum site's shutdown in some locations.

Though users now have a growing list of platforms wherein they can find escort services, it's important to remember that regardless of the forum, it's crucial to err on the side of caution, think about your safety, and take the time to understand what could put you at risk should you encounter such illegal activities.

In conclusion, SkipTheGames is still a top choice for people looking for adult services. However, other platforms like Adult Friend Finder and CityXGuide offer their own special sets of features and downfalls.

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