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I'm mistress Basel name, i want to meet real slave in person and a lovely time

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Hello Lovely 🫶🏻 I’m mistress Janet , I’m  looking for my loyal submissive partner that is ready to do all I ask! Obeying and Listening to every rules and want to have a good time, if you're into light pain or extreme too, facesitting domination, pegging and basically any fetish you have or wanting to try out! This is the part where I have to use my brain to try and get you to part with your hard earned money to see my flaps, which is a task in itself because usually I use my tits for convincing. Now I could sit here and feed you a load of BS about how I have best looking **** on. but the truth is it resembles a lasagna that’s been punched with brutal force, and don’t even get me started on my walnut looking anus 🥹. Edible though, right? 

I might not be able to offer you classic grade A **** but what I do offer is a mix of humorous and seductive content.

Text me or call; +1 2054154148

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