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The dynamics of communication between men and women, particularly in the context of escort services, can be quite different. Men often have patterns of communication within their social circles that may not necessarily align with what women or escorts are concerned about. This can create a sense of curiosity and confusion among female escorts, who may find it strange or unfamiliar.

In my personal experience, while searching for local escorts online with my female friend, we came across the website As we discussed women and our relationships, a range of emotions were expressed, from laughter to frustration and passion. However, what sets this conversation apart is the minimal eye contact and the shared focus on the female escorts. In over 80% of the communication, both of us were looking in the same direction, towards the escorts. If two escorts were to engage in a similar conversation, it would take them considerable time to find each other's attention due to the nature of their work.

So, how do these communication patterns affect marital relationships? Both male escorts and female escorts have different expectations regarding the purpose of their conversations. As a young man, I engaged in conversations focused on specific topics or activities, which allowed friendships to develop as a by-product of the interaction.

On the other hand, female escorts or women tend to prioritize the relationship itself and view the discussion of romantic or sexual subjects as a means to build and invest in that relationship. By placing the connection first, women are telling each other that their communication is valuable and worth investing in emotionally.

This difference in communication priorities often leads to misunderstandings and frustrations between men and women. Men may feel that women are wasting time on trivial information, while women may judge men as being emotionally detached or uncaring. The primary fear driving these communication preferences is that men fear being seen as incompetent, while women fear being alone.

To reopen this gap, women can try to communicate to men why romantic or relationship-related discussions are relevant and important. By appealing to their emotions and demonstrating the value and significance of the conversation, there is a greater likelihood of meeting their primary needs and deepening the connection. This, in turn, may encourage men to open up emotionally and engage more fully in the conversation.

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